To discover the main route of originality for an app, is the main challenge which an app marketer face. There are millions of mobile apps of iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms are exist in market, making you app to stand between them is a tough task.

The best mobile app developers and marketers make a marketing strategy which includes both pre-launch and post-launch work for the app. For the best strategy one have to do use both organic and paid-app marketing channels.

Below the list of some marketing strategy have given that every owner of app will follow:

1. Before Launch:

To make your app successful, start doing its marketing form very early, know what your customers want. And where you can find them is the important piece of the app marketing puzzle. There are few steps which one should take before launching the app.


Select important keywords:

To make app more successful you have to understand the benefits of keywords. The keyword should be a general word by which a customer can recognize what your app do.

For example, the most important keyword for a candy crush game is candy, which is also same for other apps too.


Always select the strong keywords for the app, which consider as the success of your marketing strategies.

Choose a good name

Always select the good name for the app, otherwise the name can make or break an app. App name should be unique and memorable, but it should also have the important keyword by which you app gain importance. An app name matters a lot in app store search. Before selecting the app, make sure that app name will not coincide with other trade makers- otherwise they will reject your app.


Find your competitors

After selecting the app name, it time to start work on keywords. Research on keywords related to that and which app holds the high position. What features that app have? What other keywords you can target? Do research on that.

A number of apps are in app store, so you will many competitors, whose product is similar to your one. Note down all your app competitors and scale it down to the top 4 or 5. Start looking at the reviews of those app, then you will get to know the difference and competition between 1-stat app and 5-star app.


Create an amazing icon

The app icon matters a lot. It should be creative and also reflect your app features and should match with the name of app. Make your app icon amazing that many users will attract towards it and More likely to click on app and download it. This it best marketing strategy one can use to make app more popular.

Take great screenshots

You always think to attract the visitor on your page, but when they arrived what interactive they saw in app to make it download? That’s y create good-looking and creative screenshots of the app.


Make sure that your screenshots are so amazing and memorable, informative and exciting. Explaining the features of app which you want to convey from app and how east to use it.

Post launch

Congrats! Your app is launched. Some people think this is last stage but this is just the beginning. Now your next aim to do marketing of app.


There are two ways to do marketing one is organic and second is paid marketing.

Paid marketing is something that you have to pay for each individual download.

Organic marketing refers to any method which you can use to earn downloads.

Organic promotion

One of the best way is to get downloads by organic marketing. Spending money to get download is great but not easy for everyone. So following few steps you can get the free downloads.


In order to understand the organic app distributing you have to sign up for an analytics tool. This analytics tool will track your app and your competitor’s through Rank charts.

There are many analytics tool exist which perform many functions. But App Annie and MobileDevHQ are the two most prominent use.

Do social marketing of app, use Facebook, Twitter other social media for the marketing for your app, share screenshots and give link on pages from where user can download app.


Another option one can choose is mouth to mouth publicity, the best tool for marketing, which always remains in fashion.

Paid Promotion:

Now you get the complete information about the organic download, now it’s time to do some paid marketing.


Install Mobile App Tracking

Mobile App Tracking is the best tool which show how many downloads come from each paid ad source. Tracking is the most accurate way to ensure that you are spending money in the right way.

Calculate the number of downloads you’ll need to get into the Top Charts

Every category of app require some number of downloads to more into the top charts, so start counting how many downloads you are getting per day and how time it will take to reach in Top charts.


To check this always keep an eye on the reviews and ratings on the apps in your category. The apps in top charts almost update daily.

As an example, if your app has 200 downloads and 10 ratings (10%) while your competitor has 20 ratings, you can assume that your competitor has around 400 downloads. You should be able to calculate every day that how many downloads you need to rise in Top Charts.


From the above points it is concluded that building an app is easy but doing the marketing and make it popular is a tough task. Each of the above steps will contribute in making an app popular.


Make an app and continuously promote it using different media channels for the great success of an app.

Doing lot of work and using little marketing skills one can build a massively successful app that will drive your business forward.

So have you started the work for marketing of an app? Contact us if you are looking for an affordable mobile app development company in India.